Wholesome Children's Stories Ages 2 to 8

Tales of Waterville™ DVD Titles are edifying, wholesome animated stories geared to the 2 yr to 8 yr age group! Stories with character building always have a positive effect on a child! How much more if they are Christian based and fun? Watch DVD preview to get a glimpse! As a parent you know how important it is for children to have viewing entertainment that is encouraging. Tales of Waterville™ animated stories offer children entertainment that is uplifting, educational and fun, with the absence of violence and romantic undertones. Purchase a DVD for your children for any occasion like birthdays, holidays or just because!

We now offer Tales of Waterville™ Books in addition to the DVDs. The books incorporate Bible verses in the stories. It is the perfect book collection for parents who wish to introduce Jesus to their young children as they read to them. Parents are given the opportunity in each story to explain the Bible to ultimately lead their children to Jesus. View sample section of a book! Buy the entire collection!

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