The Tales of Waterville™ had its beginnings in the summer of 1994. Armando Escalante and Eileen Escalante, the creators, were inspired to create wholesome animated content, edifying to children. The Little Munchkees™ of The Tales of Waterville™ were born in the minds, scripts and sketches of Armando and Eileen.

By providence in 1996, Armando met Don Hill, a former television producer, when he was in development of another animated series and was in negotiations with Armando's animation production company to produce it. Shortly after, Epic Entertainment, Inc. was established by Don and Armando and The Tales of Waterville™ would take a turn into full production of the 70-minute direct to video release entitled "The Little Munchkees in the Tales of Waterville™", the second fully computer animated movie ever released next to Toy Story. The movie was completed in the summer of 1997 and was released the 1st quarter of 1998. Landing a distribution deal, The Tales of Wateville™ movie became a rental at Blockbuster Video nationwide that same year. It was also licensed for television in several countries.

In the following years the Waterville™ concept developed into a series of animated titles called the "Tales of Waterville™" which is currently available. These titles, available on DVD, are stories based on Judeo-Christian values which have character building built into the storylines in a very entertaining and fun way.

In 2008, Epic Entertainment, Inc. was dissolved in order to form New Life Cinema, LLC. Armando Escalante has been joined by his wife Eileen Escalante as founding member. Today all Tales of Waterville™ are produced and distributed through New Life Cinema, LLC.

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